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The Beginning of the Beginning

Do it! It's fun....they said...

They didn't lie ...but they did!! Ever heard about lying by omission? Yup those mofos done left out the hard part. Note the use of the word hard and not bad. So I wasn't one of those persons that woke up one morning and said hells yea! I'm ready to be my own boss...yea...no. If you know me, you know I have a problem with taking orders lol. I'm just wired to question everything.

At my corporate office:Hi Arielle, we'd like to introduce this new procedure... *Arielle thinks about it*...why tho? it makes no sense, and since I am the one to do it and it makes my job more difficult, I'd like to know why? What's the benefit in doing this? Who's benefiting from my extra expense? Imma need y'all to tell me before I decide to do this.....lol like I had a choice in the matter. I still needed to know! I was just wired like that. That wasn't the best attitude to have in being part of a team who was very 'go with the flow'. I quickly stood out in not only my department but my entire company as the person who 'said it like it was'. 

I won't take that experience away for anything!!! The best times of my career was at that place!...Also some of the most taxing. But after you get through the storm you tell yourself psshhh I could get through a hurricane now....until the hurricane comes and you like 'bisshhhh i didn't mean it literally'! My hurricane came when I got that job that paid the salary I always thought I wanted. OMG I can cover my expenses three times in one month's pay, I can finally start living the life I want. hahahaha biggest joke of my life. That job lasted the three months of my probation. I would cry EVERY morning before I had to go to work. THAT'S how unhappy I was. I quickly learnt that money wasn't the answer. And I sure am glad I learnt that lesson early on in life. I think that until people get the money and are unbelievably unhappy and depressed they won't take my word or experience for it. I am not gonna be jeapordising my peace of mind for any amount of coint #nope. 

So there it is, you have no job. You're heading back to your apartment, that you pay for, but wait girl HOW you boutta continue paying for that shit? Tears in my eyes I call my boyfriend and tell him what happened. We both knew it was gonna happen but we just didn't...know. So I can't call my parents because, shame. (They figured it out like after two weeks, I still couldn't say the words)So you better find a game plan and find it QUICK. I had enough savings to last me about three months paying bills and stuff. hahaha. Those funds probably lasted a month and a half. 

Selling earrings just isn't a job. Like you cannot make a living off of that Arielle. Those were the words around me. When people would start ask what I'm doing now, they would give me 'that look'. You know the one...girl what you REALLY doing, don't tell me no shit bout earrings. To this day, I have earrings in boutiques worldwide and I still get that look. 

I always had this as a hobby, or second source of income. As my only source of income now, you better try to get more income out of that shit! So I put effort into it and I started cold emailing magazines and websites to get featured because at the end of the day my product spoke for itself. I make a damn good earring. So I launch a Facebook page to start really marketing. (I always had a website, from the time I decided that it was going to be a source of income, I knew it was going to be globally accepted) Three weeks after staying home, I get the opportunity to be a giftbag sponsor for THE Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Amsterdam. Thus began the beginning of the beginning.....

  • Melisa says...

    Interesting journey to the start of it all. Keep going girl!

    On Jul 22, 2016

  • selica davis says...

    Thank you for sharing. Very inspiring and I must say you have done well :)

    On Mar 02, 2016

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