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Be Careful What You Ask For

It's so easy to have visions of grandeur about life...big house, sports car, lots of vacation trips...for the basic thinker *eye roll*...but there are those of us who dream of that dream career and dream home life. Well when it starts coming your way....can you really deal? Since I've known myself, I wanted to travel the world. I grew up as a child moving homes like a piece of driftwood. No I wasn't a nomad, my father's law career had us moving through the Caribbean. It was fun but it wasn't fun. I have a grand network of people throughout the Caribbean now, but I have no concrete friendships/memories because I would always have to move when the going got good. 

As I settled in Trinidad for the last fifteen years, I've been itching to get out. My soul was stifled. Thoughts of travelling for a job was a priority on my Life List. I would always want a job that allowed me to travel the world... I was never specific about who paid for those trips though :| Fast forward to now: I have moved to Tobago and I keep finding myself having to fly back to Trinidad for things concerning Zaveza. I found myself complaining last week as I got off the tarmac in Tobago to get an email telling me I have two appointments in Trinidad ....on separate days, not close enough to overnight. I was so annoyed because my 'only need plan to go to Trinidad twice in July' had somehow turned into going to Trinidad five times. Last minute plane flights are no fun when you have to go standby.  

As I sat in the airport for four hours yearning for my bed and being a supreme bitch to my boyfriend I had to ask myself, isn't this what you asked for Arielle? You asked for a career that allowed you to travel often. You've been on a plane six times in the last week and a half to promote and expand your business. You wanted a career...not a job [check] You wanted to travel [check] You wanted to meet amazing like-minded individuals [check] You wanted everyone to know about your business [getting checked]. Are you not doing all those things? 

We always ask for things and we are not specific about our wants. Ask and ye shall receive. God gives you exactly what you ask for (once you put in the work to get it and show Him you really want it), but He gives you EXACTLY what you want, so be EXACT in your asking.

I have now changed 'travelling for work' to 'Career travelling to international countries that are fully paid for by others to increase revenue, to continue to meet potential business partners and extraordinary people with similar visions'.

You want to be 'rich'. Get specific about how rich you want to get and what you're willing to give in return for it. You don't get something for nothing. So let Him know how you intend to give back with your riches or how you intend to give (be it by selling a product or service that changes or positively impact lives) to get rich.

Be SPECIFIC about your dreams and watch them manifest. 

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